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4.3″ Widescreen HMI with 2 Serial, 1 Ethernet, USB Device

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The CR10000400000210 is the perfect solution for applications that require the operator to monitor and control more than just a single device. With two serial ports and an Ethernet port, these HMI displays can connect to
multiple serial and Ethernet devices simultaneously, including PLCs, motor drives, bar code scanners, etc.
The CR10000400000210 performs the functions of a multiple protocol converter,using two high-speed serial communications ports and a 10/100 BaseTX Ethernet port. The Ethernet port supports up to four protocols simultaneously, allowing dissimilar Ethernet based products to communicate with one another. The SD card slot can be used to load the unit’s configuration file, allowing configuration changes to be made and saved to the card for later transfer. The CR1000 range of HMIs is programmed with Red Lion’s free Crimson 3.1 software. Crimson offers easy to use drag and drop communications configuration, while the embedded image library allows the programmer to create intuitive screens and prompts for the operator.

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