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Eight Inputs, Six Solid State Outputs, Adds remote I/O capability to the Modular Controller Series

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  • Adds remote I/O capability to the Modular Controller series
  • Eight input
  • Six Solid State Outputs
  • Inputs isolated from outputs
  • Inputs independently switch selectable for sink or source signals
  • Inputs independently configurable for high or low active state
  • Inputs independently switch selectable for high or low frequency signals

The CSDIO14S modules connect and communicate via a backplane connection to the CSMSTR Modular Controller Series Master.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs


POWER: Derived from system backplane. (CSDIO14S draws 170 mA max. load on power input of MASTER). Modules may be hot-swapped (replaced while powered up).

INPUTS: DIP switch selectable for sink or source

OUTPUTS: Outputs available as FORM-A relay or Solid State NFET.

Operating Temperature Range: 0 to +50 °C
Storage Temperature Range: -40 to +85 °C
Operating and Storage Humidity: 85% max relative humidity, noncondensing,
from 0 to +50 °C
Vibration to IEC 68-2-6: Operational 10 to 150 Hz, 1 g.
Shock to IEC 68-2-27: Operational 25 g (10 g relay).

CONSTRUCTION: Case body is burgundy high impact plastic. For indoor
use only. Installation Category II, Pollution Degree 2

CONNECTIONS: Removable wire clamp screw terminal blocks.
Wire Gage: 28-16 AWG terminal gage wire
Torque: 1.96-2.23 inch/lbs (0.22-0.25 N-m)

MOUNTING: Snaps on to standard DIN style top hat (T) profile mounting
rails according to EN50022 -35 x 7.5 and -35 x 15.

 WEIGHT: 6.6 oz (187.1 g)


CSDIO Product Manual

Modular Controller Brochure