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CUB5 Dual Counter & Rate Indicator with Reflective Display, 8 Digits, 0.46″ (12 mm) LCD, 10 – 28 VDC Power

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CUB5R000 Product Manual

  • Dual Counter or Counter/Rate Indicator
  • 39 mm x 75 mm
  • 8 Digit, 0.46″ (12 mm) LCD
  • LCD, Reflective
  • Preset Capability with Optional Output Card
  • Optional Serial Communication Modules (RS-232 or RS-485)
  • Optional Setpoint Cards available (Dual Sink or Relay)
  • Optional USB Programming Card available
  • Front Panel Programming
  • Decimal Points and Scaling
  • Wire clamping screw terminals
  • 10 – 28 VDC Power
  • Up to 20 KHz
  • NEMA 4X/IP65
  • Operating Temperature Range: -35 to 75 °C
  • UL Listed: File #E137808

The CUB5R000 receives incoming pulses and multiplies them by the Count Scale Factor to obtain the desired reading for the count display. Input A accepts the signal for the count and Input B is used for quadrature, dual counter, anticoincidence counting, or up/down control counting.
The rate indicator utilizes the signal at Input A to calculate the rate value using a time interval method (1/tau). The unit counts on the negative edge of the input pulses. After the programmed minimum update time elapses and the next negative edge occurs, the unit calculates the input rate based on the number of edges that occurred during the elapsed time. The input rate is then multiplied by the rate scaling value to calculate the rate display. At slower rates, averaging can be accomplished by programming the rate minimum update time for the desired response. Extensive scaling capabilities allow practically any desired reading at very slow count rates.

Meter Specifications

DISPLAY: 8 digit LCD 0.46″ (11.7 mm) high digits, Reflective LCD with full viewing angle

POWER: Input voltage range is +9 to +28 VDC with short circuit and input polarity protection.


  • Counter A: 8-digits, enabled in all count modes
    Display Range: -9999999 to 99999999
    Overflow Indication: Display flashes “Cnt OVEr”
  • Counter B: 7-digits, enabled in Dual Counter Mode or batch counting
    Display Designator: “b” to the left side of the display
    Display Range: 0 to 9999999 (positive count only)
    Overflow Indication: Display flashes “bCntOVEr”
  • Maximum Count Rates: 50% duty cycle
    Without setpoint option card: 20 KHz (all count modes)
    With setpoint option card: 20 KHz for any count mode except Dual Counter (16 KHz), Quadrature x2 (14 KHz) and Quadrature x4 (13 KHz).

MEMORY: Nonvolatile E2PROM memory retains all programming parameters and count values when power is removed.

CONNECTIONS: Wire clamping screw terminals
Wire Strip Length: 0.3″ (7.5 mm)
Wire Gage: 30-14 AWG copper wire
Torque: 3.5 inch-lbs (0.395 N-m) max.

CONSTRUCTION: This unit rated for Type 4X/IP65 requirements for indoor/
outdoor use. Installation Category I, Pollution Degree 2. High impact plastic
case with clear viewing window. Panel gasket and mounting clip included.

WEIGHT: 3.2 oz (100 g)



Additional information

Weight 1 lbs


CUB5 Product Manual

Panel Meter Brochure

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