DA30D – Data Acquisition System – Red Lion Controls

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Red Lion DA30D Data Acquisition and Protocol Converter with two RS232 , One RS485 Expansion Port

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The Red Lion Controls DA30D data station acts as a nexus for industrial data collection and management. The unit offers multiple protocol conversion, data logging and remote machine access. With three built in serial ports and a 10 Base-T/100 Base-TX Ethernet port, the unit performs protocol conversion, allowing disparate devices to communicate seamlessly with one another including PLCs, motor drives, bar code scanners, etc. The Ethernet port supports up to ten protocols simultaneously using Crimson 3.1, so even Ethernet to Ethernet protocols can be converted.

The SD card slot can collect your trending and datalogging information as well as load the unit’s configuration file, allowing configuration changes to be made and saved to the card for later transfer. The built-in web server allows log files to be retrieved manually, and also provides access to the unique “virtual HMI”. The virtual HMI is programmed just like Red Lion’s CR3000 series of HMIs. Any standard web browser may be used to monitor or control the Red Lion DA30D from a PC anywhere in the world.

The Red Lion DAx0D is programmed with Red Lion’s Crimson 3.1 software. Crimson offers easy to use drag and drop communications configuration and is available as a no charge download from Red Lion’s website.

Leading Protocol Conversion

  • Over 300 protocols
  • Easily convert between serial, USB and Ethernet devices
  • Manage multi-vendor environments with ease

Integration Capabilities

  • Built-in MQTT connectors accelerate IIoT projects with point-and-click simplicity
    • Google Cloud
    • Amazon AWS
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Sparkplug
    • Inductive Automation Ignition!
    • Ubidot
  • Embedded OPC UA server functionality eliminates need for separate system hardware
  • OPC UA Client Driver
  • OPC UA Historical Access
  • Store and Forward Buffering for Cloud Connectors
  • SQL queries feature simplifies batch and recipe management
  • Built-in data, event and security logging with cryptographic signature support enhances troubleshooting and helps meet regulatory requirements

Advanced Web Server

  • Provides remote access and control
  • Responsive design supporting up to 16.7M colors with full screen display option ideal for tablet or mobile viewing
  • Supports HTTPS operation with the provision of certificates, HTTP redirect, CSS and JavaScript
  • Three virtual HMI resolutions to choose from:
    • 480×272
    • 800×480
    • 1280×720


  • One 10/100 Ethernet port
  • Two RS-232 serial ports
  • One RS-485 serial port
  • One USB host port
  • One USB device port for upload/download
  • Expansion port for select add-on network modules

Other Features

  • 10-30 VDC
  • SD card slot for data logging and database upload/download
  • Configured using Crimson® 3.1 software
  • -10 to 50 C
  • 30 g Shock