DP5D0000 – DP5 Universal DC Input Meter – Red lion Controls


Universal DC Input Meter AC Powered, 1/8 DIN (50 mm x 97 mm), 4 1/2 Digit, 0.56″ (14 mm) LED

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DP5D0000 Product Manual

  • Universal DC Input
  • 1/8 DIN (50 mm x 97 mm)
  • 4 1/2 Digit, 0.56″ (14 mm) LED
  • 4 Voltage (300 VDC MAX) and 5 Current (2 A DC MAX) Ranges
  • AC Powered Version
  • NEMA 4X/IP65

The DP5D0000 have been specifically designed for harsh industrial environments.
With NEMA 4X/IP65 sealed bezel and extensive testing of noise effects to CE
requirements, the meter provides a tough yet reliable application solution.

DISPLAY: 5 digit, 0.56″ (14.2 mm) red LED, (-19999 to 99999)

POWER: AC Power: 85 to 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10 VA
Isolation: 2300 Vrms for 1 min. to all inputs.
AC Power: 24 VAC, ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 10 VA
Isolation: 500 Vrms for 1 min. to all inputs (50 V working).

MAX – maximum readout selected
MIN – minimum readout selected
TOT – totalizer readout selected, flashes when total overflows
Units Label – optional units label backlight

KEYPAD: 3 programmable function keys, 5 keys total

A/D CONVERTER: 16 bit resolution

A/D conversion rate: 10 readings/sec.
Step response: 200 msec. max. to within 99% of final readout value
(digital filter and internal zero correction disabled)
700 msec. max. (digital filter disabled, internal zero correction enabled)
Display update rate: 1 to 10 updates/sec.
Max./Min. capture delay time: 0 to 3275 sec

MEMORY: Nonvolatile E2PROM retains all programmable parameters
and display values.

Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 50°C
Storage Temperature Range: -40 to 60°C
Vibration to IEC 68-2-6: Operational 5-150 Hz, 2 g
Shock to IEC 68-2-27: Operational 25 g.
Operating and Storage Humidity: 0 to 85% max. RH non-condensing
Altitude: Up to 2000 meters

CONNECTIONS: High compression cage-clamp terminal block
Wire Strip Length: 0.3″ (7.5 mm)
Wire Gage: 30-14 AWG copper wire
Torque: 4.4-5.3 inch-lbs (0.5-0.6 N-m)

CONSTRUCTION: This unit is rated for NEMA 4X/IP65 outdoor use.
IP20 Touch safe. Installation Category II, Pollution Degree 2. One piece
bezel/case. Flame resistant. Synthetic rubber keypad. Panel gasket and
mounting clip included.

WEIGHT: 7 oz. (200 g)

CE Approved
EN 61326-1 Immunity to Industrial Locations
Emission CISPR 11 Class A
Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use:
EN 61010-1: General Requirements
EN 61010-2-030: Particular Requirements for Testing and Measuring Circuits
RoHS Compliant
UL Recognized Component: File #E179259
UL Listed: File #E137808
Type 4X Enclosure rating (Face only)
IP65 Enclosure rating (Face only)
IP20 Enclosure rating (Rear of unit)


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Weight 1 lbs


DP5 Product Manual

Panel Meter Brochure