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Analog Input Range: 4-20 mA

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E3-16ISO20M-1 Data Sheet

This unit has 16 individually isolated analog inputs (4-20 mA)

  • Analog input range: 4 – 20 mA
  • A/D resolution: 16 bits (0.003%)
  • Full scale accuracy: +/- 0.02% (at 20 °C, 16 bit mode)
  • Temperature coefficient: +/- 50 ppm per °C (span and offset)
  • Input impedance (resistance): 100 Ohms
  • Short circuit protection: Self-resetting fuses
  • DMRR (differential mode): 66 dB @ 50 / 60 Hz
  • Fastest update time [# of chan.]: 200 ms for all 16 channels
  • Common mode input voltage: Between two input terminals: +/- 60 VDC; Between inputs and ground: 300 volts

These compact DIN-Rail mountable I/O modules support open-standard protocols to provide flexible communication options for existing or newly installed Ethernet™ networks. By seamlessly replacing external devices
such as switches, data concentrators and protocol converters, these I/O modules transcend simple I/O capabilities to cost-effectively streamline systems and improve reliability.

  • Configurable via Crimson 3.0 or Web Interface
  • Wide Variety of Mixed I/O Configurations
  • Industrial Design Supporting Deployment in Extreme Environments
  • Real-Time Ring and Dual-Ethernet Ports for Powerful Network Redundancy
  • Built-in Security Proactively Blocks Unwanted Access


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Weight 3 lbs


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