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Multi point interface option card for G3 operator interface terminals

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G3MPI000 Product Manual

This is a Multi Point Interface Option Card For G3 Operator Interfaces.

Power is supplied to the option card from the main board of your G3 operator interface.

DB9 female connector. Baud rate selectable between 9.6k and 12M.

Emissions and Immunity to EN 61326: Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control and Laboratory use.
Immunity to Industrial Locations: Reference G3 unit for emissions and immunity specifications

Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 50°C
Storage Temperature Range: -20 to 80°C
Operating and Storage Humidity: 80% maximum relative humidity (noncondensing) from 0 to 50°C.
Altitude: Up to 2000 meters.

CONSTRUCTION: Installation Category I, Pollution Degree 2.

INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS: Card must be installed inside the rear cover of a G3 operator interface with the hardware provided. See “Installing the G3MPI Option Card” for more details.


The G3 proprietary expansion slot provides a high speed, parallel architecture that extends the functionality and flexibility of the G3 series HMI. This approach allows the G3 series to evolve concurrently with the latest advances in
communications and standards, without sacrificing performance. This high bandwidth channel has significantly greater throughput when compared to the traditional (external) serial gateway approach.

The G3MPI000 option card adds Multi Point Interface connectivity to any G3 series HMI. This allows a high speed exchange of data, at data rates up to 12 MBaud, between the hosting G3 and a PLC on an MPI network.

The card is easily installed by removing the rear cover of your G3 operator interface, attaching the card using three screws and connecting a single cable.

  • Multi point interface option card for G3 operator interface terminals
  • Adds MPI Multi Point Interface Connectivity to any G3 Operator Interface
  • Powered by the G3 Operator Interface
  • Installation and Connection Hardware included with Card

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G3MPI Product Manual