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7 inch WVGA Color Widescreen touchscreen HMI (800 x 480), Indoor Model, 5 Module Slots to Easily add I/O Capability with Plug-in Modules

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G07C0000 Product Manual

Manufacturer: Red Lion Controls
Product: HMI
Series: Graphite Series
Power: 10-30 VDC Power Supply
Display Size: 7″
Resolution: 800 x 480
Dimensions: 10.84″ x 8.57″ x 2.06″ (275.2 x 217.7 x 52.4 mm)
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Serial Ports: 3 isol.
Ethernet Ports: 1
Module Slots: 5 Module Slots
On Board User Memory: 256 Mbyte of non-volatile Flash memory
Battery: Lithium coin cell. Typical lifetime of 6 years, nominal.
Construction: Cast aluminum enclosure with NEMA 4X/IP66 rating when correctly fitted with the gasket provided. These devices have only been evaluated for low risk of mechanical impact.
Weight: 2.26 lb. (1.03 Kg)
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The Graphite HMI merges two of our most highly successful product platforms into a single, extremely flexible solution. The nexus of the product is the operator interface panel which offers the award winning technology of our G3 HMI including protocol conversion, data logging and remote access. Programming the unit is easy using drag and drop selection within our Crimson 3 software allowing complete set-up in minutes. Add to all that capability, plug-in modules which provide I/O functions within the framework of the operator interface panel. The I/O modules are similar to our Modular Controller product providing easy interface of sensors, discreet outputs and communication modules. The result is a complete industrial solution that connects, monitors, and controls while providing real time displays.

Graphite HMIs come standard with one 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet port, two RS-232 and one RS-422/485 serial ports, one USB Device and two USB Host ports. Additional Ethernet and/or RS-422/485 ports are available on specific models.

  • SD memory card slot for data log storage
  • Extreme -20˚ to 60˚C operating temperature range
  • +24 VDC +/-20% power input
  • ATEX and IECEx zone 2/22 approvals

Crimson 3.0 Software

The G07C0000 uses the Red Lion Controls Crimson 3.0 software is an easy-to-use programming tool that is included with our HMIs to give you unprecedented control. Unlike competitive HMIs that charge extra for cumbersome proprietary software, our award-winning Crimson software simplifies the setup of even the most sophisticated applications. Configuring communications protocols, defining data tags and creating intuitive user interfaces are easier and virtually self-explanatory with Crimson software.



Additional information

Weight 4 lbs


Must use a Class 2 circuit according to National Electrical Code (NEC), NFPA-70 or Canadian Electrical Code (CEC), Part I, C22.1 or a Limited Power Supply (LPS) according to IEC/EN 60950-1 or Limited-energy circuit according to IEC/EN 61010-1. Power connection via removable three position terminal block.

BATTERY: Lithium coin cell. Typical lifetime of 6 years, nominal.

TOUCHSCREEN: Resistive analog


  • On Board User Memory: 256 Mbyte of non-volatile Flash memory.
  • Memory Card: SD slot accepts standard capacity cards up to 2Gbyte


  • USB Device Port: Adheres to USB specification 2.0 (high speed, full speed) only using Type B connection. USB DEVICE PORT IS FOR SYSTEM SET-UP AND DIAGNOSTICS AND IS NOT INTENDED FOR PERMANENT CONNECTION.
  • USB Host Ports: Comply with Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev 2.0. Support data transfers at (high speed, full speed). Hardware over current protected (0.5 A max per port).
  • Serial Ports: Ports are individually isolated. Format and Baud Rates for each port are individually software programmable up to 115,200 baud. PGM Port: RS232 port via RJ12.
  • COMMS Ports: RS422/485 port via RJ45, and RS232 port via RJ12.
  • DH485 TXEN: Transmit enable; open collector, VOH = 15 VDC, VOL = 0.5 V @ 25 mA max.
  • Port to Port Isolation: 1000 Vrms (G07: 500 Vrms) for 1 minute.
  • Signal Isolation: 50 V.
  • Ethernet Port: 10 BASE-T / 100 BASE-TX RJ45 jack is wired as a NIC (Network Interface Card).
  • Isolation from Ethernet network to Graphite operator interface: 1500 Vrms

CONNECTIONS: High compression cage-clamp terminal block Wire Strip Length: 0.3″ (7.5 mm)
Wire Gauge Capacity: One 14 AWG (1.63 mm) solid,
two 18 AWG (1.02 mm) or four 20 AWG (0.81 mm)

CONSTRUCTION: Cast aluminum enclosure with NEMA 4X/IP66 rating when correctly fitted with the gasket provided. These devices have only been evaluated for low risk of mechanical impact.

MOUNTING REQUIREMENTS: Maximum panel thickness is 0.188″ (4.78 mm) with removable foot, or 0.375″ (9.53 mm) without foot. For NEMA 4X/IP66 sealing, a steel panel with a minimum thickness of 0.125″ (3.17 mm) is recommended.
Maximum Mounting Screw Torque: 6.0 lbf inch (96 ozf inch) (0.68 Nm)

G07: 2.26 lb. (1.03 Kg)



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