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Single Preset Timer, NPN OC/Relay Output, AC Powered

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  • Single Preset Timer
  • 50 mm x 50 mm
  • 2 Line, 6 Character Transmissive LCD w/Backlighting Display
  • Red Digit Top Line and Green Bottom Line Indication  Display
  • 12 Timer Range Modes
  • NPN OC/Relay Output
  • 85 to 250 VAC Input Power
  • NEMA 4X/IP65

The C48TS103 Timer is a Single Preset model.  It features a 7 segment, 2 line by 6 digit backlit LCD display, and the main display line is red and shows the timer value. The smaller secondary display line is green and can be used to view the preset values or output time values.

4 front panel push-buttons are used for programming the operating modes and data values, changing the viewed display, and performing user programmable functions, e.g. reset, etc. It can be configured for one of two numeric data entry methods, digit entry or automatic scrolling. The digit entry method allows for the selection and incrementing of digits individually. The automatic scrolling method allows for the progressive change of one through all digit positions by pressing and holding the “up” or “down” button.

The C48TS103 Timer has a Run/Stop Input, 3 programmable User Inputs, and a programmable front panel function key. The Run/Stop and User Inputs can be configured as sinking (active low) or sourcing (active high) inputs via a single plug jumper. The following functions are available for user inputs and the front panel function key: Reset, Print Request, Store and Reset,  Change Display, Program Disable, Reset Outputs, Store.

The Timer can also be configured to Continue or Stop timing upon reaching preset. The display can be programmed to stop at the preset value (Reset to Zero mode) or zero (Reset to Preset mode), or automatically reset to zero or preset and hold. Once stopped, the timer can be restarted by manually resetting it, or it can be programmed to restart when power is reapplied.


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